86th Academy Awards: Those Oscar statuettes are totally made in the USA!

Posted by LDonia on 02/28/2014

You might not know it, but you’ve seen the work of the R.S. Owens company before. And if you’re watching the Oscars tonight, you’re going to see the work of R.S. Owens again.

The company makes the statuette, affectionately called Oscar, in a factory in Chicago (Fun fact: R.S. Owens also makes the Emmys and the awards handed out at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cotton Bowl, American Idol, and Pepsi 500, among countless others).

So who are these guys?

R.S. Owens was started in 1938 by Owen Siegel, and the company makes trophies, plaques, clocks, and pretty much anything you might want to award someone with. But those on the receiving end aren't just esteemed artists and athletes. R.S. Owens makes products for the school set as well (perhaps you have an R.S. Owens-made trophy from your golf team days floating around somewhere).

According to NBC News it takes the company roughly four weeks to produce 50 statuettes and each one weighs 8.5 pounds. CNN posted a behind-the-scenes video of their production, if you want to see how this all goes down:

Want to learn more about the company, or perhaps have it create your next trophy? Check out its website. Important note: there’s a ‘Made in America’ button on the left!

Image by flickr user cliff1066™, used following Creative Commons guidelines.

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