AAM's NCAA bracket update: Will job creation picks put Wisconsin and ND over the top?

Posted by mmcmullan on 04/03/2014

Well, it’s settled: Our NCAA men’s basketball tournament bracket has been mangled.

Very few best the grinder that is March Madness. So there's no shame in bad picks.

But we got one right! Our bracket -- its picks determined by which Congressional district (that’s home to a tourney team) would gain the most jobs by ending global currency manipulation –- placed Wisconsin in the Final Four.

It wasn’t thrilling overtime heroics that earned Coach Bo Ryan his first trip into some of college basketball’s rarest air. Nope. We figure it's because Wisconsin’s Second District, home of the Badgers, would gain 17,500 jobs if global trade were rid of currency manipulation.

Those numbers, from a report by the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), found that if the practice of currency manipulation (by which countries attempt to make the goods they exports cheap and America’s more expensive by artificially boosting the value of the dollar) were to end, there would be significant job growth in every congressional district in the country.

That’s right: Every one of ’em.

So now that the tourney has boiled down to a Final Four, let’s use that same job-creation formula to pick the winner again. We’ll do the same with the Women’s Final Four, too. Currency manipulation data, who ya got?

GASP. MORE BADGERS in the men’s bracket. How about the women’s bracket?

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish! Indiana’s Second District stands to see 20,000 jobs created by ending currency manipulation.

PS: It’s worth noting that Wisconsin’s legislator, Rep. Mark Pocan (WI-2) has his John Hancock on a bill that would take foreign governments to task for interfering in free and fair trade via exchange rates, but Notre Dame’s local rep, Jackie Walorski (IN-2), does not. Maybe it’s nothing more than wild speculation, but could this be the kind of karmic force that will help determine this year’s basketball champions? We'll see next week.

Find the whole EPI report on currency manipulation here.

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