ABC's 'Made in America': The Air Force's Purchasing Power

Posted by Anonymous on 04/24/2011

As part of their 'Made in America' series, ABC World News covered a story that we reported last week.  The U.S. Air Force granted a waiver on domestic procurement for the purchase of a number of products and components needed in the construction of military family housing units at Eilson Air Force Base in Alaska.

Though the Air Force claimed that an extensive list of basic products were unavailable in the "domestic manufacturing landscape" a viewer tip revealed that one item on the list, ceramic light bulbs, are in fact still being manufactured in a thriving plant in St. Mary's, Pennsylvania.

Watch the video below to see how ABC helped the Air Force connect with Osram Sylvania, the only company still manufacturing lightbulbs in the U.S., to keep at least one item on their list made in America:

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