August 11, 2011 Headlines: $53 Billion Trade Deficit, China's Aircraft Carrier, and More

Posted by smorgante on 08/11/2011

Bloomberg: The trade deficit expanded to $53 billion in June, boosted by a widening trade gap with China. 

WSJ: There are 4.5 unemployed Americans for every job opening. 

NYT: Is China raising the value of the Yuan? (Apparently, not nearly enough.) 

WaPo: Bill Gross: we don't have a debt problem, we have an aggregate demand and job creation problem. 

DFP: President Obama visits a Michigan advanced battery manufacturer today; announces federal support for more projects. 

USAT: Obama's vacation plans may look a bit awkward, given the state of the economy. (Then again, Congress is taking five weeks off.) 

WSJ: China test-drives its new aircraft carrier

WSJ: Infrastructure is the right stimulus, says former Gov. Ed Rendell. 

WaPo: Democrats wish Obama would get bolder on job creation. 

The Hill: How about a jobs "supercommittee"? 

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