December 15, 2011 Headlines: China's New Tariffs, NY Manufacturing Expands, No Plans to Hire, and More

Posted by smorgante on 12/15/2011

WSJ: Continuing coverage of the revolt in Southern China.

NYT: China imposes tariffs on American-made cars.

The Hill: House lawmakers respond to the news.

Matt Yglesias: More on the Chinese tariffs.

WSJ: Increasing pay for Chinese workers is coming out of American pockets.

Bloomberg: Manufacturing in the New York Fed region expanded beyond forecasts in December.

The Hill: So-called “job creators” have no plans to hire, despite record profits.

WaPo: More on the end of China’s boom.

 The Hill: The Fed assures Congress that it will not be bailing out Europe.

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Anonymous wrote 2 years 37 weeks ago

China imposes tariffs on American-made cars

As China continues to escalate the current trade war with America, a trade war that they are winning. It’s time that our political leaders take action to address the problem of our trade with China and that is to address the misalignment of the Chinese currency.


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