December 16, 2011 Headlines: GOP Debate, Income Inequality, China Revolt, and More

Posted by smorgante on 12/16/2011

NYT: Last night was the final GOP Debate before the Iowa Caucuses.

WSJ: Liveblog of the GOP Debate.

Bloomberg: Income inequality is hurting efforts to rebuild the economy.

WaPo: China’s boom is ending, pulled down by shortcomings in investments, exports, and manufacturing.

The Hill: Jobless claims are now at a three-year low.

NPR: More coverage from Wukan, the Chinese village in open revolt.

WSJ: China is cracking down on bloggers.

Charlie Cook: Do recent upticks in employment give hope to Obama’s re-election chances?

WSJ: Overall industrial output fell 0.2% in November, not a good sign for an economy that’s shaky at best.

Bloomberg: Beijing’s pollution hurts both people and economic activity.

WSJ: China’s banks have increased their lending.

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