December 8, 2011 Headlines: Unemployment Applications Down, New Free Trade Deals, China's Debt, and More

Posted by smorgante on 12/08/2011

NYT: The government is holding back entrepreneurs in China.

AP: Weekly unemployment applications fell to a 9-month low.

The Hill: The House will hold hearings next week on the Trans-Pacific trade pact.

Time: How Obama saved the Auto industry.

WaPo: The challenges facing the green car initiatives.

WSJ: The Chinese solar industry is fueled by excessive debt.

WSJ: A fight over the Payroll Tax extension is brewing on Capitol Hill.

NYT: American and Chinese military leaders are meeting for an annual review of major issues.

Ezra Klein: There’s no good way for the Eurozone to get out of this mess.

WSJ: Not like we’ve seen this problem before: As wages stagnate, consumers take on more debt to up their spending.

WSJ: Does the Doha round need to be revisited, with an emphasis on China?

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