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This Made in America Candy is perfect for Halloween and beyond.

Since their invention in 1920 at the hands of Hans Riegel of Bonn, Germany, Gummy bears have been a popular treat around the world.  In all of that time, they have remained a relatively unchanged staple of the candy industry and Haribo, a German based company found by Hans, has been the gold standard.   That is until Albanese Confectionary Group, Inc. hit the scene 30 years ago, the Indiana based company entered the gummy candy market.

The candy-maker began producing gummy bears and other gummy candy products alongside their roasted nut and chocolate making operations for years.  As time passed, the family-run business began to innovate their gummy candy production methods created new flavors, textures, and ingredients the staple of their operation.  Over the years, they have grown to be a contender at many of the industry’s expos, winning categories such as the Product of the Year and Most Innovative product in a number of different categories. 

The list of accolades and awards the Albanese Confectionary Group has accrued over the years speaks to their commitment to innovating the gummy candy industry to truly deliver the best product possible.  To name a few: 

  • 1998 – Invents a new technology to allow for greater flavor release from gelatins
  • 2001 – Breakthrough allows for more sour flavor to be added to gummies
  • 2002 – Wins the Professional Candy Buyer’s Product of the Year 
  • 2006 – Wins Technology Award for developing a process to add Omega 3 Oil to gummies
  • 2011 – FDA approval for new Vegetable/Fruit snack for School Lunch Program

                The commitment to candy related R&D and innovation doesn’t stop at gummy candies though, Alabanese also won the 2015 Sweets & Snacks Expo’s Most Innovative Product in the Chocolate Category.  The candy consortium awarded the prestigious award to Alabanese for their Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Peanuts

Now their shelves are stocked with treats ranging from Gummi Army Guys and Milk Chocolate Cinnamon Gummi Bears to Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Malt Balls and Sugar Free Milk Chocolate Orange Jellies

Did I mention it’s all Made In America?  With the holidays right around the corner and a little something for everyone, Albanese Confectionary Group is the place to shop for all your sweet and salty needs.