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A Colorado community college invests in its community's future.

The stubborn skills gap has placed intense pressure on manufacturers throughout the country. For U.S. manufacturers to be competitive, they need workers who are trained and comfortable with the newest trends in the industry.

Front Range Community College (FRCC) in the Denver, Colo., suburb of Westminster saw the need to fill the worker shortage in the area’s manufacturing industry and acted.

At a wall breaking ceremony this month, FRCC launched the construction of the 27,000-square-foot Center for Integrated Manufacturing. The 8-million-dollar lab will teach local students the skills they need to thrive in the 21st century manufacturing industry.

With a steady pipeline of skilled workers, the area’s manufacturers will now benefit from greater predictability when it comes to filling positions — making growth and investment easier.

Companies like global power supply manufacturer Advanced Energy (based out of Fort Collins, Colo.) saw this golden opportunity and invested $200,000 into the project. This investment will surely pay for itself now that the company will have to spend fewer resources in finding trained workers.

Watch for yourself the incredible impact FRCC’s new manufacturing center is having in the Denver area: