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While Welcome to Night Vale (WTNV) and This American Life continue to battle for poll position on the iTunes store's top ten podcasts, those of us who sheepishly left the camp of the latter for that of the former need a way to show our allegiance. (I'm sorry, Ira Glass. I'm really, really sorry.)

It seems, in American culture, apparel is the go-to for showing loyalties -- be it to a band, sports team, church, family, whatever. I am so very pleased to report, that those wanting to show obedience to the Glow Cloud (and thus, support of WTNV) via apparel, can do so without sacrificing their allegiance to American manufacturers.

Indeed, when I purchased a t-shirt for a WTNV fan in my life, I was so happy when it arrived with an American Apparel tag.

Kudos to the folks who run WTNV's store on TopatoCo for keeping the podcast's souvenirs Made in America.

Now excuse me, while I go run at the Glow Cloud while shrieking and waving my arms ...