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Wilson manufactures the official NFL football in Ohio.

There’s been a lot of talk about (foot)balls leading up to the Super Bowl XLIX. New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady held a memorable, err meme-able, press conference to deny that the footballs he used in the AFC Championship game were deflated. The whole thing sparked a national scandal — Deflategate. 

Said Patriots’ QB Tom Brady:

I think that's a great thing for all the quarterbacks to have the balls in play that they want to use. Everybody has a preference. Some guys like them round and some guys like them thin. Some guys like them tacky. Some guys like them brand new. Some guys like old balls.

Brady likes his balls broken in. Here at the Alliance for American Manufacturing, we like our balls American-made. That’s the way the National Football League (NFL) likes their balls too.

Footballs used in every NFL game are made at the Wilson Football Factory in Ada, Ohio. Since 1941, every ball used during Super Bowl competition was made by Wilson Sporting Goods.

Why not every ball in every NFL game? Like many factories, Wilson factories were retooled to make supplies for WWII including tents and duffel bags.

The company then opened its factory in Ohio in 1955, solely dedicated to making footballs. And now every football in every NFL game is American-made by the sporting goods company.  

These are balls we can support!