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Retailer is selling knockoffs of the president's infamous baseball caps.

Here's an interesting little tidbit we couldn't help but share today.

While we all know that President Trump loves touting Made in America, he has been rightfully criticized for choosing to outsource most of his own production. Everything from the steel in Trump's buildings to the furniture in his Washington hotel to the ties in his clothing line were manufactured overseas, leading to calls (including from us) for the president to bring at least a fraction of that production home.

But the one thing that Team Trump does make in the United States is the president's trademark "Make America Great Again" red baseball cap, along with a slew of other USA-themed hats. The official caps raise money for Trump's campaign activities, and run from $25 to $40, depending on the message.

Don't want to pay that much for your official Made in America Trump merchandise? Enter Walmart.

Money reports that the import-loving retailer is now selling a knockoff version of the "USA" red cap Trump wore when he visited Texas this week for $9.99. Further examination on Walmart's website finds that the chain also is selling knockoff "Make America Great Again" caps for the same price

While Walmart includes a disclaimer noting that the product information "is provided by manufacturers, suppliers and others, and has not been verified by us," it appears the knockoffs are made by wholesaler KBETHOS and imported from Mexico.

Like Trump, Walmart also has been heavily criticized (including by us) for promoting Made in America while relying on imports and misrepresenting its own American-made claims as part of a public relations effort.

Neither the Trump campaign or Walmart appear to be selling Melania Trump's "FLOTUS" hat, we'll note — although we did find a Made in the USA version on Etsy.