February 17, 2011 Headlines: China Currency Legislation, Declining Industrial Producation, Unsafe Chinese Products, and More

Posted by smorgante on 02/17/2011

Senate Democrats unveil an economic plan that includes strategic investments  and cracking down on China’s currency manipulation

Industrial production and capacity utilization declined slightly last month. 

Rebalancing fail: foreign direct investment in China is up a stunning 23.4%

China rejects U.S. calls for an open internet. 

David Pilling argues in the Financial Times that we should not expect the revolution in Egypt to inspire much change in China. 

An audit finds that Apple’s suppliers in Asia abuse labor and safety standards

Lead paint in toys, and now unsafe rock climbing equipment: Chinese products fail the test

China is even ripping off the Marlboro Man: counterfeit cigarettes being shipped back to the U.S. 

China continues to restrict rare earth mining and exports. 

Yves Smith says that the Boeing outsourcing fiasco is probably just the tip of the iceberg

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