February 8, 2012 Headlines: Low Skilled Workers Hurting, Rise of the Yuan, Transportation Bill, and More

Posted by smorgante on 02/08/2012

WaPo: Despite the drop in unemployment, low-skilled workers are feeling the pinch still.

WSJ: How the Yuan is becoming a global reserve currency.

Naked Capitalism: Taking Wired magazine to task for whitewashing the conditions at Foxconn.

WSJ: Domestic manufacturers are looking at adding capacity in the United States.

Krugman: How playing by the rules no longer gives us a middle-class lifestyle.

The Hill: Some progress on a transportation bill.

WSJ: President Obama highlights opportunities an innovation at the White House Science Fair.

AP: China’s cabinet is promising annual 13% wage increase through 2015, and measures to create 45 million new jobs.

WSJ: Congressmen want to take on China on rare earth minerals.

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