First Flight... Made in China?

Posted by smorgante on 08/27/2011

Continuing the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) summer travels, our staff recently visited Kitty Hawk, NC, home of the Wright Brothers National Memorial. While we all know that the first airplane was made in America, unfortunately the same cannot be said for the gift shop there. The store boasts an impressive supply of Chinese-Made Fake Americana.

You can buy Chinese-made Revell models of the Wright Flier. An iconic American brand and the epitome of American innovation and manufacturing; both are made in China now. You can also buy Chinese-made toys, maps, and many other things.

Fortunately for the conscious consumer, a little digging will yield an American-made Wright Flier model, as well as locally made bandanas and prints. It’s good to see that the National Park Service is supplying visitors with American-made goods, and we hope that when you visit you’ll keep asking them to stock MADE IN USA products. 

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