January 9, 2011 Headlines: GM Expands in China, Jobs Numbers Analysis, Legacy of Wukan, and More

Posted by smorgante on 01/09/2012

Bloomberg: US Carmakers gained shares in China, led by GM.

WSJ: What was Mitt Romney’s legacy at Bain?

NYT: Op-ed on job opportunities in China.

WSJ: There is strength in the jobs numbers, but we need to sustain this level of growth.

WSJ: Analysis of the 2011 jobs numbers.

WaPo: Best job growth industries in 2011.

WSJ: Wukan and the rule of law in China.

NPR: Yes, we can celebrate the new jobs numbers. But cautiously.

Krugman: It’s sad that these job numbers are worth celebrating.

WSJ: The unemployment rate drop is for real.

The Atlantic: What the recession gave us.

WSJ: Economists react to the December jobs report.

Mandel: Insourcing as a source of job growth.

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