June 15, 2011 Headlines: Netroots Nation, China's Cyberattacks, Payroll Tax Break, and More

Posted by smorgante on 06/15/2011

AAM will be blogging this week from Netroots Nation in Minneapolis, MN. Be sure to check out our Manufacturing Panel, Made-in-America Party and Fashion Show, and be sure to stick around for the Blues Brothers cover band. 

WSJ: Richard Clarke warns of cyberattacks from China. 

WSJ: Upside down: India sends outsourcing jobs to the U.S. 

WSJ: A payroll tax break in the works? 

USAT: Victims of tainted drywall from China are awarded a $55 million settlement. 

USAT: Lots of incentives to put solar panels on the roofs of homes.  Too bad most of them aren’t American made.

Workers in China protest lead poisoning (WaPo).  It’s a growing concern in China (NYT). 

WaPo: The Washington Post editorial board praises the UAW for its willingness to compromise. 

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