LIVEBLOG: Local business leaders know steel jobs affect the entire community

Posted by TGarland on 06/02/2014

Two local business leaders joining the #SOSjobs rally in Lone Star spoke about the local impact of U. S. Steel Lone Star. The steel import crisis doesn’t only threaten jobs inside the plant, but jobs in the surrounding community.

North East Texas Credit Union President and CEO Kay Stewart witnessed first hand how a shutdown affects her job and the local community:

Save our jobs! That’s our battle cry today. I can say our jobs because if this plant closes, our jobs at North East Texas Credit Union would be on the line, too. Our jobs and business rely on the people that work at U. S. Steel Lone Star.


Let’s do everything in our power to not let the plant close again. Write, email, and go see your representatives and senators to help save our jobs.

Aaron Nilsson, owner of WOI Petroleum, Inc. joined her call:

This mill is the life blood of our community. Everything starts right here in these gates and moves outwards. This plant establishes the base of our local commerce.

Learn about the steel trade case facing American steelworkers.

And take action here.

Pictured: Aaron Nilsson of WOI Petroleum. 

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