March 1, 2012 Headlines: Romney Hits China Currency, Fast-Track Trade Debate, China and Europe, and More

Posted by smorgante on 03/01/2012

WSJ: China is no longer purchasing U.S. securities.

AP: Chinese manufacturing gained momentum in February.

NYT: Ethnic clashes in western China leave over 20 dead.

The Hill: The Club For Growth wants lawmakers to let China’s currency cheating slide.

NPR: The top city for international finance? It’s not New York, and it’s not Hong Kong. It’s London.

The Hill: Senate Minority Leader McConnell hopes to vote on fast-track authorization by Memorial Day.

WSJ: Romney hits China’s currency cheating.

The Hill: USTR Ron Kirk says that Japan is the linchpin in Asia-Pacific trade talks.

WSJ: What are the implications of China’s state-owned enterprises?

WaPo: China is less than enthusiastic about bailing out Europe.

WSJ: US GDP continues to accelerate.

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