March 4, 2011 Headlines: Unemployment Falls, China Tracks Cell Phones, and More

Posted by smorgante on 03/04/2011

USAT: February Jobs Report: 33,000 manufacturing jobs added.  Unemployment at 8.9%.  192,000 jobs created overall.

FT: The China Syndrome: how the U.S. and China are competing globally for soft power, hard power, and economically.
WSJ: China is number one…in riskiness…according to financial risk managers. 

FT: Foxconn is moving hundreds of thousand of Chinese manufacturing jobs further inland in search of even lower wages

NYT: China’s military spending is up by 12.7 percent

WSJ: China has grand plans on energy conservation and pollution, but if history is any guide, economic growth will still be its primary goal. 

As Chinese protestors disappear (USAT), its government will begin tracking cell phone use (WaPo).

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