May 2, 2012 Headlines: Chen Guangcheng Leaves Embassy, China Trade Talks, Manufacturing Growth, and More

Posted by smorgante on 05/02/2012

NYT: Chen Guangcheng, the blind Chinese dissident, has left the American embassy on his own terms, with assurances of his well-being from the Chinese government.

WaPo: Secretaries Clinton and Geithner are in China for high-level trade and security talks.

WSJ: An ad out from the Obama campaign tries to portray Romney as an exporter of jobs.

AP: Manufacturing growth is at the fastest rate in 10 months.

The Hill: Further coverage of the positive trends for manufacturing jobs.

AP: Meanwhile, Chinese manufacturing continues to show mixed signs.

TBP: To explain the mixed signals coming from China, one has to change their paradigms on how the Chinese economy works.

WSJ: Explaining the mixed signals between regional Feds and national surveys on manufacturing jobs.

Ezra Klein: The economy of 2001-2007 was not as rosy as people remember it.

The Hill: The US Chamber of Commerce supports Japan’s inclusion in an Asia-Pacific trade deal.

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