October 12, 2011 Headlines: China Currency Bill Passes Senate, GOP Debates the Economy, and More

Posted by smorgante on 10/12/2011

Last night the Senate passed the China currency bill. Read coverage from Bloomberg, The New York TimesThe Hill,  and the Washington Post.

China predictably criticized the decision. Coverage from the APThe Wall Street Journal,  and Xinhua.

WaPo: The jobs bill failed in the Senate.

The GOP presidential candidates debated economic issues last night. Read analysis from Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times.

WaPo: Last night’s debate also forced the candidates to talk about China’s currency manipulation.

USAT: Meanwhile, the President sat down with some construction workers to talk jobs.

WSJ: More in-depth analysis of the currency issue.

WSJ: China’s inflation is rising, and they still refuse to let their currency appreciate.

WSJ: Tim Geithner sees another recession coming, this one of our own making.

Ezra Klein: What should have been done to create jobs.

Krugman: Is what’s best for GE best for the U.S.?

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