September 20, 2011 Headlines: Manufacturing Cities Recover Quicker, Exports Up, and More

Posted by smorgante on 09/20/2011

WaPo: Buffalo is recovering faster than Atlanta. Could it have anything to do with manufacturing? (Yes).

WSJ: Exports are up from West Coast ports.

Yglesias: Why do firms relocate to China? Could it have anything to do with China’s industrial policy?

AP: The Senate is taking up a worker aid bill that will clear the way to push through 3 new free trade agreements.

WSJ: With the global slowdown last month, there was less pressure on China to let the Yuan appreciate.

AP: The Board of Directors of GM met in China, looking for ways to increase cooperation with their Chinese counterparts.

WaPo: The global economy is facing a “dangerous new phase.”

NYT: Although people are installing more solar panels, factory production is down and capacity is idle.

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