September 8, 2011 Headlines: GOP Debate, China's Potential Downgrade, Trade Deficit Falls, and More

Posted by smorgante on 09/08/2011

NYT: The GOP candidates debated last night in California. Everyone agrees that we need jobs, but little was said on manufacturing.

NYT: Op-Ed by Vice President Joe Biden on China’s rise.

WaPo: Ratings Agency Fitch warns of increased risk on China’s credit due to the debt carried by local governments.

WSJ: Is China about to experience a banking crisis?

WaPo: Over 300 school children in China have been struck ill due to unsafe food and water.

AP: The Trade Deficit fell 13.1% to $44.8 billion, driven by exports of cars, airplanes, and industrial machinery.

WSJ: Will a tax holiday have a real effect on American businesses?

WSJ: Companies are slow to fill job openings.

NYT: Editorial: The “Supercommittee” needs to focus on jobs.

Yglesias: The Chicago Fed wants to take action to end the recession.

Ezra Klein: A preview of tonight’s jobs speech.

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