Manufacturing, Jobs and the U.S. Economy

Manufacturing, Jobs and the U.S. Economy

Manufacturing in the United States generates about $1.6 trillion, or 12 percent of our Gross Domestic Product, accounting for nearly three-quarters of the nation’s industrial research and development (R&D), two-thirds of our nation’s total exports of goods and services, and supports almost 20 million high-paying jobs. AAM thinks America’s leadership in the information age does not mean we have to accept defeat when it comes to manufacturing.

To the contrary, the nation that has the ideas and innovation, as well as cutting-edge technology and manufacturing, is the one that will win the global economic battles of the future. Inside modern manufacturing facilities, you’ll see the most productive, highly-skilled labor force in the world applying the latest in information, innovation and technology. American manufacturers directly employ more than 11 million Americans and create 8 million additional jobs in other sectors. American families and communities depend on a strong manufacturing base to improve our quality of life. The industrial age is far from over; in fact, it’s just beginning.

From nanotechnology and robotics, to lasers and biotechnology, we are on the cusp of incredible advances in manufacturing. AAM is determined to see that America is the nation that leads the world into the next stages of development.

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