Made in America

When you buy American-made, you support American manufacturers and workers. Here’s how to do it.

We all shop — and every time we do is an opportunity to vote with our wallets. Why not vote for the USA?

When you buy American-made goods, you elevate your purchase to the status of conversation piece. A simple shirt is transformed into a symbol of resilience. A simple toy becomes a statement about safe products. And every item bought can become a conversation about supporting the jobs of our fellow citizens who made it.

But searching for Made in America products can sometimes be a daunting experience. The good news is that from footwear to flat-screen TVs, there are companies still making it in America today. And while you may expect to pay a premium for American-made quality, you'd be surprised at how easily those on tight budgets can find good purchases at competitive prices.

From our new office to our promotional items, AAM is leading by example. Together, we can keep it Made in America.

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