...and what's to stop that job from leaving, too?...

Posted by scapozzola on 08/12/2010

Here at ManufactureThis we often point out that what the U.S. needs is a fundamental re-think of U.S trade policy-- to begin enforcing U.S. trade law and reversing the damaging effects of subsidized and illegal competition from overseas.  Americans can look around and see how their jobs (in everything from manufacturing to hi-tech) are moving overseas, to countries like China. One way to rebuild U.S. manufacturing, and to raise American competitiveness,though, is to seize the opportunity presented by the growing need for renewable energy production.  Whether it's solar power or wind turbines, Americans can build the clean energy infrastructure of the 21st Century. Unfortunately, and as Joseph White observed in a Wall Street Journal op-ed yesterday, there's currently nothing to stop such "green jobs" from being outsourced, too. White cites the example of Michigan solar cell maker Energy Conversion Devices, Inc. (ECD):

ECD said it will move final assembly of some of its existing solar cell products out of an Auburn Hills, Mich. plant to Tijuana, Mexico. The decision means 140 of ECD’s Michigan workers will be out of a job this fall, the company says...

Until Congress and the Administration successfully tackle the inequities of current trade, which allow foreign producers to thrive via massive subsidies and currency manipulation, domestic American companies will continue to struggle.  And that goes for green jobs just as much as for any other sector of the economy. Read more.

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