Planning on Buying a New Car in 2018? Frank DuBois Is Here to Help.

The most popular Manufacturing Report podcast of 2017 was our interview with Frank DuBois, and for good reason. His popular Kogod Made in America Auto Index helps consumers keep American-made in mind as they shop for a new vehicle.

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Made in America Auto Index 2017:
How Best to Measure an American-Made Auto?:
Chevy Traverse, Buick Enclave and GMC Acadia Tie for Most American-Made Vehicle of 2017:

Manufacturing Dominated the National Conversation in 2017. But What Will the Lasting Results Be?

There's little doubt that 2017 was a monumental year for American manufacturing. There was good and bad, major developments and huge disappointments. In this episode, Alliance for American Manufacturing President Scott Paul, Digital Media Director Elizabeth Brotherton-Bunch, Communications Manager Matt McMullan and Press Secretary Jet Moody reflect on the year that was — and put forth a few of their hopes for 2018.

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AAM’s Manufacturing Wish List for 2018:

The Purrfect Cat Toy Is Safely Made in America

What are your cats and dogs chewing on? When pets started getting sick from playing with foreign-made pet toys, Pam Wheelock wasn’t surprised. After a successful career as an occupational therapist, the Purrfect Play founder stepped in to produce healthy, sustainable toys for cats and dogs. Knowing that there’s no way to safely farm out pet toy production, Wheelock asks why anyone would put their pet at risk to foreign chemicals and lax safety standards.

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How the 2007 Economic Crisis Led to Success for the Vermont Flannel Company

In the early 1990s, T-shirt salesman Mark Baker sent a sample of his flannel designs to retailers like J.C. Penney and Sears, who promptly cribbed them and made them overseas. But despite the odds, Baker and the Vermont Flannel Company stayed committed to Made in America, and things really took off in 2007 — when the economic crisis hit. In this episode, Baker shares why Made in America is the secret to his company's success.

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How Liberty Tabletop Is Setting the Table for Growth

When flatware maker Oneida decided to offshore its production, Greg Owens and his business partner stepped in and bought the company's factory in upstate New York. Liberty Tabletop is now the only maker of flatware in the United States — but the company is growing thanks to an innovative business model.

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