Training the Workers of the Future for the Factories of the Future

Without a skilled workforce, the intelligent factory of the future is worthless. Here's how the Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing (CCAM) just outside Richmond, Virginia, is training the highly-skilled workers needed to make factories run now and in the future.

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The Factory of the Future Is Here, and This Organization Is Training Workers for Success:

How THIS NIGHT Socks Is Aiming to Revive the Knitting Mills of Reading, Pa.

Inspired by the legacy of textile manufacturing in her hometown, Reading, Pa., Kate Williamson dreamed of making socks as a child. When her father came across an ad for a local knitting mill, the only one remaining in Reading, Williamson found a critical mentor who helped her launch her own sock company years later.

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Sock Maker Aims to Revive Readin’s Textile Legacy:

What is ‘Section 232’?

The Commerce Department publicly released its "Section 232" report on national security threats posed by steel imports on Feb. 16. With President Trump's action imminent, brush up on what "Section 232" means for steel.

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President Trump Must Act ASAP on This Critical National Security Investigation:
Commerce Department Releases Its National Security Reports Into Steel and Aluminum:

Vinyl Record Maker Finds His Groove Just Outside D.C.

Music and manufacturing merge at Furnace Record Pressing's 50,000 square-foot vinyl record plant in Alexandria, Va. Join Scott Paul on a tour of Furnace's new facility and a conversation with Furnace's CEO and Operations Manager.

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Music and Manufacturing Merge at New Vinyl Record Plant:

Ford Gears Up for the Future of Auto Manufacturing

Autonomous vehicles may sound like they're straight out of science fiction, but the day you'll see one on your street isn't far. Ford's Curt Magleby tells Scott Paul how his company is keeping the future of auto manufacturing in America.

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Ford Gears Up for the Future of Auto Manufacturing in America:
How Best to Measure an American-Made Auto?:
Made in America Auto Index 2017: