U.S. manufacturing gains 13,000 jobs in October: AAM Statement

U.S. Manufacturing Gains 13,000 Jobs in October. 

The latest monthly U.S. jobs numbers were issued this morning:

  • Overall, the unemployment rate was essentially unchanged at 7.9 percent in October.  Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 171,000.
  • Manufacturing employment increased by 13,000 jobs in October. On net, manufacturing employment has shown little change since April.

Said Scott Paul, Executive Director of the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM), of the latest jobs report:

"Manufacturing jobs are essentially unchanged since April. For a sector that has received so much attention on the campaign trail, that’s simply not good enough. The strength of our manufacturing sector is important to the health of our economy.

"President Obama has a goal of creating one million new manufacturing jobs in his second term. He’ll have to do better than this to meet that goal.

"And, Mitt Romney will have to do better than misleading voters on the auto rescue.

"Blue-collar workers must be more than political props. We look forward to holding whichever candidate is victorious on Tuesday accountable for their commitments to grow factory jobs in America."