5 Pairs of Made in the USA Jeans — There’s Something for Everyone

By Lauren Donia

In recent months, the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) has received some messages from readers who are concerned about a Fashion Friday listing from December 2011. The listing features a denim company called "Not Your Daughter's Jeans." Readers are (rightfully) concerned that recent purchases from the company no longer seem to be "Made in America."

I spent some time looking around online, and found that many of the company's pants are still Made in the U.S.A., but for those who are a little leery, there are other Made in the U.S.A. denim companies that make jeans in a variety of styles and pricepoints:

Texas Jeans — Made in North Carolina, work & casual, with the current sale prices range from $20-$30

Roundhouse — Made in Oklahoma, workwear, jeans sell for about $40

Bullet Blues — Made in Los Angeles, casual to couture, priced between $150-175

Ruell and Ray — Made in Georgia, casual to couture, priced between $90-$200

Imogene & Willie — Made in Nashville, couture, priced between $200-$300

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Image from Bullet Blues website.