AAM Staff Members Reveal Their Made in America Holiday Wishlists

These planet blocks made in Michigan by Uncle Goose are debossed with the names, locations, distance from the sun and symbols of all eight planets in the solar system and the dwarf planet, Pluto. | Uncle Goose

Practical, inspirational or just plain playful, these gifts are sure to please.

The Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) has been on the hunt for amazing companies to add to our 2018 Made in America Holiday Gift Guide all year. Now that the guide has finally been unveiled, we’re thrilled to share some of the products that have made it onto our personal wishlists!

Uncle Goose Wooden Blocks

Uncle Goose non-toxic wooden blocks combine traditional artisanal methods with modern whimsy to produce not only gorgeous classic letter blocks (in a multitude of languages), but also blocks with more unconventional themes such as Periodic Table Blocks or Women Who Dared Blocks


Blue Claw Co. Bags and Accessories

Handmade in a Minneapolis, Minn., former bread factory that has been put to new use, Blue Claw Co. bags and accessories are constructed with the strongest materials to elegantly withstand even the madness of holiday travel. 

Bridgestone Golf Balls  

Bridgestone golf balls are made in Georgia. Though the manufacturer has long made a name for itself as a global leader in tires, Bridgestone has applied its polymer research to design golf balls so perfect that golfing legend Tiger Woods has chosen them for his personal equipment. 

Bee’s Wrap


Bee’s Wrap Food Storage

If you manage to have leftovers at the end of your holiday meals, Bee’s Wrap, made in Vermont, is the perfect sustainable food storage solution and an excellent gift for the devoted host or home chef. Lacquered with beeswax infused with jojoba oil, this ingenious alternative organic cotton alternative to plastic wrap is reusable and washable. 

Zandra Beauty Skincare

A particularly perfect gift for the girls and young women in your life, Zandra Beauty skincare, made in New York, affirms female empowerment through the founder’s own story as a teenage entrepreneur. With labels designed to inspire, recipients of a Zandra Beauty gift will be reminded of their value every day. 

For more of Team AAM’s favorite holiday gifts and some picks from two very special contributors, listen to The Manufacturing Report’s holiday episode below or on SoundCloud. And be sure to read our 2018 Made in America Holiday Gift Guide for a complete list of our holiday shopping recommendations!


Full Disclosure: The Made in America Holiday Gift Guide is intended to highlight companies that support American jobs and that make great products in the United States. We rely on the companies listed to provide accurate information regarding their domestic operations and their products. Each company featured is individually responsible for labeling and advertising their products according to applicable standards, such as the Federal Trade Commission's "Made in USA" standard or California's "Made in USA" labeling law. We do not review individual products for compliance or claim that because a company is listed in the guide that their products comply with specific labeling or advertising standards. Our focus is on supporting companies that create American jobs.

For more on the Federal Trade Commission's standards for "Made in USA" claims and California's "Made in USA" labeling law, please also read this guest post by Dustin Painter and Kristi Wolff of Kelly Drye & Warren, LLP.