AAM Talks Economics at CPAC 2015

Ronald Reagan knew what was up when it came to American manufacturing.

But we’d love to hear more economic talk from the candidates!

“It’s the economy, stupid.”

The shelf life of that political axiom will never expire. And that’s what’s getting loads of passersby to stop at the Alliance for American Manufacturing booth at CPAC 2015:

But puzzlingly, very few of the big-name speakers – the presumptive 2016 presidential candidates from the GOP side of the aisle – dove into the details of economic policy. Heck, few even mentioned it.

Hey, I hear you: This is CPAC, where conservative politicians directly address their conservative base, looking for a chance to get them fired up. Specifics – and economics – will come later. But while that may be, it’s jobs and economic growth that will be top of mind for voters in 2016. And it’s never too early to start.

Here's what we know:

  • Conservatives care about free (and fair) trade: They know America’s is the most open market in the world, and they don’t think U.S. industry should have to compete with global competition that’s subsidized by foreign governments.
  • Conservatives care about tax reform, and so do American manufacturers: When Washington finally gets around to cleaning up our messy corporate tax system, job- and wealth-producing industry should not foot the bill for Wall Street.
  • Conservatives care about a strong economy and a strong national defense – both of which aren’t possible without a focus on domestic manufacturing.

If you agree (and you're at CPAC), we'll be talking economics through 5 pm at booth 716. Stop by and say hi!