American Manufacturing is All Around Us — You Just Might Not Always Notice

American manufacturers make everything from bus seats to fire hydrants to manhole covers.

When you think about Made in America, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

Is it that big music festival in Philly? Or perhaps it’s the final episode of The Sopranos?

If you come to this blog often, “Made in America” probably makes you think of some great locally made products — things like clothing, shoes, tools, kitchenware, and even yo-yos. But Made in America also is in the world all around us. You just have to know where to look.

AAM interns Isabel Hayes, Joseph Swindal, Luke Ferguson, Libba McCraw, and Noah Musto recently scoured the nation’s capital in search of Made in America. Here’s what they found.

Fire Hydrant, Made in Albertville, Alabama

Produced in the “Fire Hydrant Capital of the World,” these American-made hydrants line the streets of our nation's capital. The Mueller Company has been manufacturing hydrants since 1975 and is credited with the millions of fire hydrants that assist our public servants.

Trash Can, Made in Dunkirk, Maryland

Victor Stanley, a leading producer of trash cans and benches, manufacturers high quality products that have filled the streets of the United States and Canada for over half a century. Their two factories in Maryland use state-of-the-art technology and equipment to make both trash cans and benches for the nation's capital.

Auto Sprinkler, Made in Elkhart, Indiana

Since 1902, Elkhart Brass' mission has been to keep Americans safe, and the company leads the industry in producing firefighting equipment, making more than 2,000 products used “in virtually every aspect of fire fighting,” according to the company’s website. It still operates at is original site in Elkhart, Ind., and serves markets across the United States.

Standpipe Valve, Made in Ranson, West Virginia

Dixon Valve has been producing various fire protection equipment and supplies since the nineteenth century. Their commitment to quality helps firefighters get the job done to the best of their ability.

Manhole Cover, Made in Elizabeth, New Jersey

Universal Valve Company supplies Washington, D.C. with numerous manhole covers.  Through their innovation and leading technology, this company has been at the forefront of producing valves, pipe guards, and manholes.

Tree Grate and Manhole Cover, Made in Neenah, Wisconsin

Tree grates throughout the city hail from the Neenah Foundry, which combines quality and aesthetic to create attractive tree grates and guards for cities and neighborhoods across the country. Neenah Foundry also manufactures manhole frames and covers — used public utility company Pepco in D.C. — along with airport castings, bridge scuppers, trench castings and other products.

Metro Train Car, Made in Hornell, New York

Metro riders can rest assured knowing that the train cars are produced right here in the United States. Alstom provides trains for various cities along the Northeast Corridor and manufacturers them at their historic site located in Hornell, New York.

Bus Seats, Made in Grand Rapids, Michigan

American Seating makes 100 percent of its products in the United States, all made by members of UAW Local 135. The company provides seats for big city railcars and buses as well as private companies — its seats are in buses at Disney World — along with performing arts center chairs and other seating needs.

Jeff Bonior contributed to this report.