Bespoke Edge Keeps Its Clients Looking Sharp in Custom-Made Suits

By Erica Maddox
Photos courtesy Bespoke Edge

And the company is committed to American-made dress shirts and high-end suits.

In need of a brand-new suit?  Why not have it custom-made? Even better, why not have it Made in America?

Bespoke Edge, a family-operated company out of Colorado, has hand-designed suits for five years. The company's designers and tailors will travel your office or home to custom fit a suit, providing customers a unique and luxurious experience in Colorado and Arizona. While Bespoke Edge imports some of its finest fabrics to handcraft suits, they sew and manufacture the final product in the United States, and the company's dress shirts are 100 percent made here.

Bespoke Edge's Ryan Wagner shared more with us. Check it out below.

1. What is the full list of products you make at Bespoke Edge?

So, we are a family-run men’s custom clothier serving clients in Colorado and Arizona. It’s me, my father, Ron, and my brother Brett, that collectively run the business. We pretty much cover the full spectrum of dress and casual men’s attire. That means custom dress shirts, bespoke suits, tuxedos, sportcoats, vests, and pants.

2. Why do you choose to custom design suits instead of mass producing them?

The easy answer is that it’s the absolute best way for us to help our clients look sharp. Only with bespoke suiting can we get that perfect fit. Also, the three of us all really enjoy classic menswear. We love keeping the romance of the bespoke process alive. That means taking over 20 measurements a suit and offering a second fitting (i.e. basted fitting) to our clients. Finally, bespoke suiting is very much a craft, an art form. That means that there is no end state, you just continue to practice and get better and better at what you do.

3. What parts of the suits and what products are completely made in the United States?

We are very proud to say that 100 percent of our dress shirts and our high-end line of hand-made suiting is manufactured in the United States. When we started our business five years ago, we worked hard to find the finest menswear manufacturers in the country. Our manufacturers have really been great partners since Bespoke Edge was founded. 

4. What is your company mission and company goal?

Everyday we work hard to help our clients become the best dressed versions of themselves. Aside from offering some of the finest bespoke clothing around, a large part of how we fulfill our company goal is by serving as a trusted resource to our clients. For instance, we run Colorado’s leading menswear blog, the BE Blog, and this year we have even started to publish daily style videos on our YouTube channel.  

And the content that we offer is very practical, down-to-earth, style advice. Neither Brett, Ron, nor myself, are very “high-fashion” kind of guys. Instead, we have carved out a niche around practical style — like how men can improve on their style by focusing on the fundamentals. For instance, most guys can look sharp in no time by simply ironing their dress shirts and wearing a simple blazer that actually fits, versus trying to recreate what a celebrity or runway model is doing.

5. What makes your suits special above other brands?

Simply put, because our suits come with a story. What that means is that when you build a suit with us, you’re creating something that’s as individual as your own signature. We’re going to sit down with you and learn about your needs and your style. We will ask you questions about how you want the jacket to fit (i.e. modern, slim, super-slim!) and how you’d like to customize it. We can offer contrast stitching in certain areas, hundreds of jacket linings, and of course, nods to old-school tailoring like working sleeve button holes and full canvas construction. And all of this happens face to face during one of our appointments. We don’t believe in taking shortcuts and we really feel that our past work speaks volumes.

Also, our suits are special because you’re working with us. In other words, we’re real people. We believe that it’s incredibly important that we build a long term relationship with our clients. This is how we can truly understand how you like your clothes to fit such that we can keep you looking sharp for many years to come.

American-made products are reliably high quality. When you have a high quality product and pair it with excellent service, everything else just falls into place. It’s a great way to do business. Ryan Wagner, Bespoke Edge

6. Why suits? Tell us about your interest!

Although suits are our most popular item, we create plenty of sportcoats, pants, vests, and even the occasional old school throwback like a tailcoat. Our interest really lies in helping men to look their best. For some guys, this might mean building them their first real blazer. For others, it might be creating a whole new wardrobe and taking full advantage of all of the customizations available with bespoke tailoring. We can literally adjust sartorial subtleties like the notch angle on a notched lapel or even the contrast thread stitching on the inside of a jacket. We even offer completely custom jacket linings.

Also, suits are classic. They are always in style. People love a man in a nice-looking suit. And when men own a great looking suit, they feel confident and ready to take on anything. For us, we’re not just offering a product that a guy can wear, but taking him back in time to when men were measured by a skilled tailor and knew where their clothes came from. It’s a pretty special service that we’re able to offer to our audience.

7. Lastly, why Made in America?

Easy answer here: It’s because our American-made products are reliably high quality. When you have a high quality product and pair it with excellent service, everything else just falls into place. It’s a great way to do business.

Have more questions? Ask Ryan and the team at [email protected].