Cheers to this Made in America Collaboration!

By Lauren Ban
Jul 02 2021 |

Made in USA mainstay American Giant is teaming up with Samuel Adams.

The Fourth of July offers us the chance to celebrate the American spirit. What better way to get into the American spirit than a new collaboration between two of our favorite American-made brands: Samuel Adams and American Giant.  

On June 28, the two companies debuted their collaboration project titled, “Cheers to Good Company.” The collaboration is just what we love to see: two companies combining their love for high-quality products with American manufacturing. The companies even noted as much when Samuel Adams said, they “shared [the] ethos: make it great, make it better. Rethink the ordinary, and create extraordinary products.” So although the companies “don’t make the same things…[they] care about the same things.” 

Everything about the collaboration screams American pride, from the color scheme clear down to the sourcing of the materials and ingredients. 

“American Giant and Samuel Adams are all about two things: quality and values. Simple as that,” said Bayard Winthrop, CEO and founder of American Giant. “Using the highest quality ingredients is of the utmost importance – whether for a classic sweatshirt that can be passed down for generations, or a carefully crafted beer. We’re proud to work with Samuel Adams, a company that shares our commitment to quality and craft.” 

For their half of the collaboration, Samuel Adams created “American Crafted,” a Kellerbier lager, using Michigan-grown hops and malt sourced from Malteurop Malting Copmany in Milwaukee, Wis. Samuel Adams describes American Crafted as “a perfect brew for your Independence Day, whether you’re BBQing, watching fireworks, or savoring the moment with friends by the fire pit.” The lager features flavors like toasted bread with rich malt notes, all of which are complemented by spicy noble, citrus, and herbal aromatics. And if you aren’t sold on that flavor combo (but really, how could you not be?), take a look at the apparel offered by American Giant.   

Featuring both a T-shirt and a hoodie option, American Giant’s half of the “Cheers to Good Company” collaboration offers customers a cozy way to celebrate the Fourth. The hoodie features a red, white, and blue theme with a subtle nod to Samuel Adams, while the T-shirt is more blatant with the “American Crafted” logo emblazoned across the front. While the T-shirt is made in Los Angeles and the hoodie in Middlesex, N.C., both clothing items still provide the same level of comfort and quality as American Giant’s other pieces.  

If you are lucky enough to live near Samuel Adams’ Boston or Cincinnati taprooms, you can get your hands on a four-pack of “American Crafted” for $16.00. Or, if you are looking to get ahold of one of American Giant’s pieces, you can purchase the American-Crafted: Classic T online for $38 or the Classic Full Zip: Samuel Adams Edition for $118 – that is, any items from the collection are still available.  

Not even a week after the launch of the collection, American Giant was sold out of apparel, though there may be some still available at Samuel Adams taprooms. I would imagine the lager is becoming increasingly hard to come by as well. All the more reason for you to run, not walk, to the nearest Samuel Adams taproom or American Giant retailer to see if there is anything left for your Fourth of July celebration. 

American Giant and Samuel Adams collaboration could not be more well-timed. Though the collaboration is only available for a limited time, the commitment that these companies have to American-made products is something that promotes the American spirit well beyond the Fourth of July.  

“We believe something well and simply made isn’t going to be well and simply forgotten,” explained Rich Ferrell, a Samuel Adams brewer, in a promotional video released for the collection. And, honestly, with the values these companies promote, we couldn’t agree more!