Clinton Pledges to Help Factory Workers in DNC Speech – and Calls Out Trump

By Elizabeth Brotherton-Bunch
Jul 29 2016 |
Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr

Clinton says Trump “talks a big game” but puts his own interests first.

When Hillary Clinton took the stage to accept the Democratic nomination for president on Thursday night, she pledged to help “regions hollowed out by plant closures” and create more manufacturing jobs, including by investing in infrastructure.

In her remarks, Clinton said her primary goal as president will be to “create more opportunity and more good paying jobs with rising wages right here in the United States.” Manufacturing will be a part of that effort, Clinton explained, and outlined a few ideas for growing the sector.

“If you believe that we should say ‘no’ to unfair trade deals… that we should stand up to China… that we should support our steelworkers and autoworkers and homegrown manufacturers…join us,” she said.

But along with presenting her own plan, Clinton made sure to hit Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump (whose anti-trade rhetoric is a key part of his own campaign) for talking “a big game about putting America first” but offshoring much of his own business. Here’s Clinton:

“Please explain to me what part of America First leads him to make Trump ties in China, not Colorado.

Trump suits in Mexico, not Michigan. Trump furniture in Turkey, not Ohio. Trump picture frames in India, not Wisconsin.

Donald Trump says he wants to make America great again – well, he could start by actually making things in America again.”

Clinton wasn’t the only speaker on the DNC stage on Thursday who hit Trump for his history of outsourcing. Sen. Sherrod Brown (Ohio), who has spent much of his tenure in the Senate working on manufacturing-related issues, said Trump “looks out only for Donald Trump, no matter who he steps on along the way.”

“I’ve been fighting for a trade agenda for more than 20 years that puts American workers first,” Brown said. “And I can tell you, in all those years, I’ve never even seen Donald Trump. No – the only thing I’ve seen Donald Trump do when it comes to U.S. trade policy is run his mouth and line his pockets.”

Great things are still made in America, Brown emphasized – noting that he was wearing a suit made 10 miles from his home in Ohio. He also praised Clinton’s manufacturing plan, including its proposed $10 billion in tax credits to revitalize U.S. manufacturing.

Check out Brown’s entire speech here. And if you missed it, you can read Clinton’s remarks.

One thing we know for sure? Trump isn’t going to stay silent after being called out on Thursday night. We’ll keep you updated here on the blog.