Designed in America, Made in America, Sold in America

By Zach Jones
Sep 08 2015 |
Photo courtesy Maker’s Row.

Maker’s Row launches an e-commerce site.

Since its inception in 2012, Maker’s Row has helped designers, craftsman, start-up companies, and manufacturers connect to create products that are designed and manufactured in America. It’s all part of the vision of co-founders Matthew Burnett and Tanya Menendez, whose organizational goal is to help anyone – from a lone designer to a growing business – scale-up production through partnerships with actual American Manufacturers

Today marks the next installment in Maker’s Row’s commitment to break down the barriers of entry into the marketplace. The company has launched a dedicated e-commerce site, featuring everything from American-made furniture and apparel to specialty lamps and surfboards. By joining the ranks of retailers that focus on American-Made products, coupled with a commitment to helping companies grow and develop their brands, Maker’s Row links together the different stages of the supply chain and makes it possible for thousands of businesses to keep it American-made along the way.

Maker’s Row now helps entrepreneurs, companies, and designers through the steps necessary to take an idea to market by offering resources to create an initial design and brand; transform that into relationships with manufacturers and a supply chain; and now taking the product to market. A one-stop shop! The group continues to expand and help more entrepreneurs and businesses enter into the American Manufacturing marketplace and succeed.