Elizabeth Warren Makes a Verbal Commitment to Made in America

By Matthew McMullan
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) hands out a hug after concluding a speech at the National Raise the Wage Summit in Washington, DC.

And we’re into it!

Did you know? The Alliance for American Manufacturing is non-partisan. We’ll listen to politicians of nearly any stripe — as long as they’re interested in advancing the cause of America’s domestic industry and the workers it employs. As such we’ve boogied down at Netroots, hobnobbed at CPAC, held events for House conservatives, and teamed up with Senate liberals.

So! In this tradition, our open ears took us to the National Summit on Raising Wages, hosted by the AFL-CIO at Gallaudet University here in Washington, DC, where the featured speaker was liberal lion Elizabeth Warren.

Warren, a senator from Massachusetts, is an outspoken proponent of increased financial regulation, and began her speech by deflating the statistics proving America’s ongoing economic recovery, arguing that it’s done little to help working families. And she delivered a lengthy denunciation of the “magical accounting” of trickle-down economics, a policy she said shares partial blame for widening economic inequality across the country.

It was, as you’d expect, red meat for a blue crowd. And it  all sounded quite like a stump speech, though Warren has sworn up and down that she won’t be running for president next year. But if she does, we hope to hear more of a particular bit of rhetoric that got some significant applause from the crowd (and caused some AAM staffers to hoot and holler):  

We believe in trade policies and tax codes that will strengthen our economy, raise our living standards, and create American jobs — and we will never give up on those three words: Made in America.

Made in America: The liberals love it, the conservatives love it, and we would love to see it on candidates' lips as the 2016 presidential campaign gears up.