Four Senators Aim to Close Buy America Loopholes

By Matthew McMullan
Jul 09 2019 |
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Build America, Buy America Act would expand domestic procurement rules in infrastructure spending.

The Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) has some breaking news to share! From the Office of Good Ideas: Four U.S. senators from the Midwest — Sherrod Brown (D) and Rob Portman (R) from Ohio, Gary Peters (D) from Michigan, and Mike Braun (R) from Indiana — have put forward a bill that would apply Buy America rules to all taxpayer-funded infrastructure and public works projects. They’re calling it the Build America, Buy America Act.

It’s aim? Close loopholes in existing procurement policy that allows foreign construction material to make up "the vast majority" of what’s used to build highways, roads and bridges.

Federal spending should encourage economic activity in America. That's pretty straightforward! And we’re on board with it. Buy America rules are smart and sound public policy, and most effective when foreign manufacturers can’t exploit loopholes in them:

The Build America, Buy America Act is a good idea, and it has AAM’s endorsement.