From Medium: Trump’s Trade Team Must Stay Tough During High-Level Talks in China

By Scott Paul
May 03 2018 |

It’s a big moment for Trump’s trade strategy with China.

Several top Trump administration officials are in China on Thursday and Friday for high-level trade talks with their Chinese counterparts. It's an important moment, and AAM President Scott Paul describe just what is at stake in a piece over on Medium:

China should not be let off the hook because global businesses or markets are getting cold feet. The status quo is more appealing to some, but our economic relationship needs serious disruption. More than a decade of cajoling hasn’t worked. Credible threats to reduce China’s market access will. Beijing has pulled back from currency undervaluation, for example, only under duress.

And while we can’t change China’s authoritarian state-capitalist model, we can certainly contain the features of it that most damage our ability to generate good jobs in America.

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