It’s Time to Rebuild America. Let’s Make Sure We Do It Right.

Jan 19 2017 |

Buy America preferences help create jobs and keep taxpayer dollars in the United States.

Alliance for American Manufacturing President Scott Paul sent this message to AAM's 140,000-plus supporters this week. As President-elect Donald Trump prepares to take office, it is possible that major infrastructure investment will be on the agenda for the new Congress and presidential administration. Such investment is long overdue, and has the potential to create millions of new jobs.

But it is vital that strong Buy America preferences also be included as part of this effort. Buy America helps grow jobs and ensures U.S. tax dollars are invested back into the United States instead of being sent overseas to places like China. Here's Scott Paul with more:

It’s time to rebuild America — but we have to make sure we do it right.

While America may still have some deep political divisions, there’s at least one thing nearly everyone believes: It's time to invest in our nation’s infrastructure. President-elect Donald Trump says he wants to do it. Many lawmakers from both parties agree — as do nearly three-fourths of voters!

It makes sense. Investing in our roads, bridges, tunnels, railways, ports, airports, water systems, pipelines, electrical grid and more will create millions of jobs, boost our economy and make America more competitive on the global stage.

And if we make sure we keep this work here in the United States, we’ll create even more jobs!

Strong Buy America preferences ensure that our tax dollars are invested here at home, including in [[StateName]]. Don’t send our tax money overseas to places like China when the work can be done right here. That’s a message Washington needs to hear now.

Please join me in urging the incoming administration and Congress to rebuild America — and Keep it Made in America when we do.


Scott Paul