Jobs Report Shows Another 22,000 U.S. Factory Jobs Created in September

Oct 07 2022 |
Getty Images

Manufacturing employment is up 325,000 since the beginning of the year.

Today is Jobs Report Day, when the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics releases data on the shifts in national employment over the past month. It’s a big day for people who watch CNBC and teenage nerds that like statistics. And also for us, the Alliance for American Manufacturing, where we watch to see if the number of factory jobs in the United States has risen or fallen.

Well — this month’s manufacturing jobs number is pretty similar to last month’s manufacturing jobs number: 22,000 new positions in the sector. Earlier this year we were seeing more gains per month, but every month we’ve seen growth. Manufacturing on average is gaining 36,000 jobs per monthly report in 2022.

Said AAM President Scott Paul:

“Although manufacturing job growth slowed a bit in September, the sector is still adding jobs at an impressive clip. Manufacturing has not only fully recovered all the jobs lost during the last recession, it’s now demonstrating new and remarkable growth. President Biden and Congress are right to focus on industrial policy, as it yields predictable and welcome results: American leadership in the industries of the future.

“While I worry about the impact of the Federal Reserve’s overly zealous interest rate hikes and the strong dollar, the massive capital investments announced in semiconductors, clean energy manufacturing, and the electric vehicle supply chain should offer new job opportunities to the next, diverse generation of American makers in the coming years.”