Made in Your City: Back to School Edition

By Lauren Donia

On August 30, 2012, I posted the piece below. Regular readers of this blog, Alliance for American Manufacturing's Facebook fans, and Twitter followers responded very positively to this post, so we didn't want to scrap it.

Instead, we wanted to remind you of it! So, in case you forgot: You can send your child back to school with American-made supplies and you can support the U.S. economy in the process.

As a bonus, here are a few more Made in America school supplies:

Unfortunately, we were unable to find American-made calculators. Know of one? Please fill us in! And happy school shopping!

Original Post:

Labor Day weekend usually serves as the final weekend of Summer for millions of students across the United States.

If you’re among the students, or parents of students, who will be out shopping for school supplies in the coming days, we hope  this guide to American-made items will be of service to you.

While many of these products can be purchased at local stores, some may require online ordering. Additionally, each item identified in the list is made in America, however, some of these companies do produce other pieces of their inventory abroad.

back to school

  1. LiquiMark Washable Markers – Hauppauge, NY.
  2. Pilot Easy Touch Pen – Jacksonville, FL.
  3. Crayola Crayons 16ct. – Easton, PA
  4. Elmer's School Glue – Statesville, NC
  5. Cutco Super Shears (may not be suitable for younger students) – Olean, NY
  6. Art Bin Pencil and Marker Box – Middlefield, OH
  7. Laptop Bento Lunch Box – Northern California (will not share specific city)
  8. Naked Binder – Des Moines, IA
  9. Nicky's Folders – Rochester, NY
  10. New Leaf 100% Recycled 1 Subject Notebook – California (will not share specific city)
  11. The Write Dudes USA Gold Natural Wood #2 Pencils – Lewisburg, TN