Make Sure Your Memorial Day Barbecue is Made in America

May 26 2017 |
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Grilling this weekend? Do it with these American-made products.

Editor's note: This blog originally ran in June 2015 — to get readers ready for the Fourth of July holiday — but its ideas are as relevant as ever as Memorial Day approaches. We hope you keep any and all barbecues this weekend Made in America! 

The Fourth of July is almost here, and it’s a great time to host a patriotic party with friends and family. Whether you’re celebrating at home or lounging on the beach, you can stick to your budget by purchasing quality American made products.

First Step: Decorations

Incorporating red, white, and blue decorations — and showcasing sparklers and fireworks, if legal in your state — are a must for any Independence Day celebration.

Norton’s U.S.A. offers a range of America-themed party supplies, including paper plates, hats, straws, streamers and even tiaras. For beachgoers or anyone braving the heat to celebrate outdoors, Lawn Chair USA offers a range of — you guessed it — Made in America lawn chairs and accessories. Looking to party late into the night? sells a variety of glow in the dark goodies and party supplies.

What’s an Independence Day celebration without any American flags? Annin Flagmakers and Valley Forge Flag Co. have made Made in America flags for years.

Step Two: Party Must-Haves

A grill is the real MVP of any Fourth of July backyard barbecue. Grills can be pricey, but we’ve found a selection of grills and accessories that are guaranteed to fit all budgets and lifestyles with one common feature — they are all manufactured in America. If you’re looking for a spatula, grill scraper, knife, and tongs all in one, look no further than Pops Q Tool Grill Accessories. The Pops Q Tool will be the most versatile BBQ accessory you own.

Meanwhile, not only can you find reasonably priced grills at Portable Kitchen PK Grills, the company also sells grill accessories to enhance your outdoor cooking experience. The Weber Q Series Grills offer five different styles that are sure to please any grilling fanatic. For the ultimate patio grill experience, turn to Broilmaster Grills or Kalamazoo’s for a high end grill that allows you to cook with gas, charcoal, and wood.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to bring Coppertone sunscreen to protect yourself and your guests from the hot July sun. If you’re bringing a dish to a party, make sure to pack it in an Igloo cooler to keep your food and drinks cool on the drive. Solo cupsBall's Mason Jars, and Tervis cups are also great for guests of all ages to keep their drinks in check as the festivities continue into the night.

A party simply isn’t complete without lawn games that everyone can participate in. Victory Tailgate Cornhole creates customizable cornhole boards. Glove Smith can satisfy all your sport-enthusiast needs and the classic game of Horseshoes is a must for your Fourth of July party.

Having a fireworks display on the Fourth of July is a tradition that is popular among lots of families. Diamond Sparklers paired with Black Cat’s Made in the USA selection will end your party on the perfect note and leave your guests impressed by your explosive Made in America display. (Again, only if doing so is legal where you live).

Step Three: Food and Drinks

For a tasty selection of hot dogs, sausages, and hamburgers, Ball Park, Hebrew National, Oscar Mayer and Johnsonville will fulfill most Made in America grilling needs. But hot dogs and hamburgers aren’t complete without delicious rolls and buns to pair them with. Arnold Bread, Country Hearth Bread and the classic Pillsbury Dinner Rolls are a healthy and hearty choice.

With any Fourth of July party comes iconic American desserts. Betty Crocker Products paired with Breyers Ice Cream will help you create the perfect Made in America ice cream cake. Lay's Potato Chips and Tostitos Chips and Salsa are great snacks to give your guests before the hamburgers and hotdogs are served. Kraft Foods also offers a large selection of food items that will expand your menu beyond the average hot dogs and hamburgers.

A variety of condiments are a must for everything barbecue, from hot dogs to ribs to turkey burgers. Some good choices are Guldens, Heinz, and Vlasic, which will pair nicely with any burger or hotdog. Lea and Perrins Worcestershire Sauce and  Open Pit Barbecue Sauce should also be readily stocked for your guests. For a larger selection of Made in America condiments, click here.

A safe bet for drinks include Coca Cola and PepsiCo products. The two beverage titans offer everything from lemonade to bottled water to sodas. For something on the grown-up side, Landshark Lager, Coors, Sam Adams, Blue Moon, Mad River, Miller Lite, and Milwaukee’s Best are all USA-made. For a list of Union-Made beer click here.

Another idea: Most towns and cities have local bars and restaurants that brew their own beer if you want to try something you can’t find at your local supermarket. Encourage your guests to bring their own beer that has been brewed locally as well. To find a brewery near you click here.

If your guests prefer celebrating in a more refined style, then perhaps keeping some American-made wine on hand would be a good addition to your party. Arbor Mist, CK Mondavi, Gallo Estate Wines, and Turning Leaf are all produced in America. To find a winery near you click here.

This post was written by AAM interns Bailey Pilgreen and Caitlin Musselman.