Men’s Fashion Line Brings Back American-Made Southern Charm

By Caitlin Musselman
Jul 28 2015 |
Ole Mason Jar: Made in the Tar Heel State.

North Carolina clothier gets back to state’s textile roots.

When coming up with a name for their company, Filipe Ho and Bradley Rhyne wanted something that represented both their southern heritage and the brand they aspired to be.

“Being from North Carolina, the Mason jar is an iconic item that brings back memories of a time that once was,” the pair said in an interview. “Both of our grandparents still preserve their own vegetables in Mason jars to this day. The Mason jar is simplistic, yet symbolic, loved by many and recognizable by all.

Keeping that southern tradition in mind, Ole Mason Jar was born. Founded in North Carolina, this two-year-old company is dedicated to bringing back textiles to America and is doing so by stocking their inventory with some of the finest handcrafted items made right here in the U.S.A.

North Carolina has a rich history in the textile and manufacturing industry and at one time was one of the country’s largest producers of apparel. Today things have changed, with more and more jobs going overseas, making it Ole Mason Jar’s number one goal to bring back manufacturing to America.

“It is incredibly important to us to keep it Made in America, and it’s part of our mission as a company,” said Ho and Rhyne. “We are dedicated to playing our part in revitalizing the American textile industry. Everything we make is handmade by second- and third-generation seamstresses.”

The American-made apparel featured on the company’s online store looks like it’s straight out of the pages of GQ Magazine with its clean, sophisticated, and modern style. The Made in the USA collection consists of leather goods, T-shirts, polos, ties and bowties, and button downs. The T-shirts are made entirely in North Carolina from cotton grown in the state, whilethe leather accessories come from Asheville.

"Everything we make is handmade by second- and third-generation seamstresses.” –Filpie Ho and Bradley Rhyne

The button down shirts are one of the most popular items sold and the staple of the store. Each button down is individually hand-sewn in North Carolina, and made with high-quality cotton and mother of pearl buttons. After the button downs are complete, Rhyne and Ho inspect and press each shirt, then send them to customers.

As part of the company’s mission to give back to the local community, Ole Mason Jar has partnered with Second Harvest Food Bank.

“For every item we sell, we donate the equivalent of feeding an entire family for a day,” said Cooper Lindel, Director of Sales and Marketing. “So far we have helped feed 567 families.”

The future looks bright for Ole Mason Jar. The company has been working on expanding their product line and is going through the transition to have all of their products made in the state.

“It has always been our goal to make great shirts and accessories right here in North Carolina. We are very excited to continue to grow our brand and become a major player in the world of men’s fashion,” said Lindel.