New Poll Shows That Americans Are More Willing to Pay for Reshored Than Those That Are Nearshored

By Cathalijne Adams
Nov 30 2023 |

This latest data resonates with years of surveys showing that Americans prefer to buy America-made.

Americans are more willing to pay for goods that have been reshored to the United States as opposed to nearshored to neighboring countries, and they’re willing to pay a premium for it, according to new Morning Consult polling.

Tracking surveys conducted since June 2022, Morning Consult finds that consumers are more willing to pay as much as 15% more to companies that have returned their manufacturing production to the U.S.

This latest data aligns with recent polling conducted by Morning Consult on the Alliance for American Manufacturing’s behalf that shows that eight-in-ten U.S. adults would be more likely to purchase American-made goods if they were more widely available, which tracks with numerous other national polls.

It all comes down to this: Americans want to buy Made in America. And it’s commonsense, really. By buying Made in USA, you support your local communities, ensure a fair wage, and get a quality product. And there’s no better time to buy American-made than the holiday season.

Your email inbox is probably overflowing with sales notices, I know mine is. Luckily, you can cut through the junk and find something for everyone on your holiday shopping list with the 2023 Made in America Holiday Gift Guide.

I’ve already bought several pairs of Made in Alabama organic cotton socks from family-owned Zkano, a very special watch from Detroit-born Shinola, Made in Michigan Uncle Goose blocks, and all-natural botanical perfume from Louisiana’s Smoke. What American-made gifts have you checked off your shopping list?