No Joke — It Actually Is Infrastructure Week

By Elizabeth Brotherton-Bunch
May 13 2019 |
I promise to tie this back to infrastructure. | Photo courtesy HBO

As a reminder, Americans really, really want to see action on this.

It’s Monday. If you are a Game of Thrones fan, chances are you are still reeling from the show’s big penultimate episode on Sunday night, in which SPOILER WARNING Daenerys Targaryen used her one remaining dragon to SPOILER WARNING burn down pretty much all of King’s Landing.

Now, we’re not going to (yet again) write a whole blog about how the show contains a lesson about our own times — but that’s only because Twitter already has done it for us! 

That Twitter snarkiness was well-timed because — no joke, guys — it actually is Infrastructure Week this week! And as it turns out, big majorities of Americans aren’t laughing — they do want Congress and the White House to invest in our infrastructure!

To mark Infrastructure Week, we even put together a new video highlighting recent poll data finding that 81% of likely voters consider investing to rebuild our crumbling bridges, water systems, roads, transit and more to be a top policy priority. Watch the video here:

As we highlight in the video, voters also want to build America’s infrastructure in the United States, too, as 80% of them said they back Buy America preferences. There is big-time support for infrastructure investment across all demographics, including party affiliation, gender, ethnicity, and more.

But likely voters don’t see Congress as doing much of anything to tackle this problem. Just 13% said they have heard “a great deal” from Congressional Democrats on the issue; that number drops to 10% for Congressional Republicans.

It’s time to stop joking and actually get to work, and that’s one of the goals of Infrastructure Week — to call on policymakers to work together and prioritize rebuilding infrastructure. The theme this year is “Build for Tomorrow,” and more than 500 affiliate organizations, including the Alliance for American Manufacturing, are participating.

You can take part, too. Sign our petition, share the video on social media and take part in the online conversation by using the hashtag #BuildforTomorrow.