Northeast Indiana Gears Up for Tomorrow’s Workforce

Jan 13 2015 |
Photo courtesy MADEBYME.ME

MADEBYME reaches out to high school students interested in manufacturing careers.

Written by AAM intern Ryan Lombardozzi

A workforce development initiative in Northeast Indiana is really upping its online game.

The Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership wants to introduce teens in its corner of the country to the possibility of careers in manufacturing. To do so, it’s launched a cool new website, MADEBYME, that offers information and insight on training partners, careers opportunities, and the certification needed to get there.

Its campaign kicked off back in November when Indiana’s governor, Mike Pence, introduced MADEBYME at Fort Wayne’s Anthis Career Center during an appearance to recognize student successes in career and technical education programs.

MADEBYME ties in neatly with the region’s Vision 2020's Big Goal Collaborative of increasing the percentage of Northeast Indiana residents with high-quality degrees or credentials to 60 percent by 2025.

Manufacturing is the top employment sector in the region, has a significant need for skilled employees now, and it is anticipated that the sector will continue to grow at least through the next decade. Gary Gatman, vice president of strategic initiatives for Northeast Indiana Works

There are plenty of avenues available for Northeast Indiana high school students interested in manufacturing. Anthis Career Center, Heartland Career Center, Impact Institute, Ivy Tech Community College Northeast and Tucker Career & Technology Center have all partnered up with MADEBYME, offering coursework and certificate programs in advanced manufacturing. Students can take courses in automation and robotics, precision machining, and welding.

Furthermore, these programs offer certification that can be earned in as little as a year or less to prepare kids for jobs right out of high school. This certification program offers varying levels of achievement; the more certifications completed, the more valuable you become to potential employers.

This campaign was developed in partnership with Fort Wayne’s Asher Agency and was made possible by a grant from the state of Indiana.