Rest Easy With These Made in America Pillows (That Aren’t the MyPillow)

By Cathalijne Adams
Getty Images

Support American manufacturing, even in your sleep!

Not a fan of implementing martial law to prevent the peaceful transfer of power? Then you’re probably going to want to explore some Made in USA pillow options that are not MyPillow. Luckily for you, there are plenty of awesome companies to support all around the country!

Customizable: Authenticity 50

We’ve written a good bit already about Authenticity 50’s mission to “bring bedding back home,” so it should come as no surprise that their pillow tops our list. The company’s entirely Made in USA Custom Comfort Pillow is composed of a shredded gel memory foam and microfiber designed to support both back and side sleepers. Featuring a zippered side gusset that allows you to remove or add filling, Authenticity 50’s pillow is designed to be the pillow of your dreams. But, if it’s not, the company’s 100 Night Sleep Trial promises a full refund if you’re unhappy with your purchase.

Memory Foam: I Love Pillow

I Love Pillow’s Made in Milford, Mich., memory foam pillows, which boast proprietary technology and copper-infused fabric, was identified as one of the Sleep Foundation’s “Best Pillow for Back Pain” in 2020. Its softly curved structure is purported to support spinal alignment, but is designed to benefit both side and back sleepers.

Organic and Sustainably Sourced: White Lotus Home

White Lotus Home’s unique pillow filler, kapok, is a vegan, hypoallergenic and sustainable fiber sourced from the naturally shed seed pods of Ceiba trees in Central America and simulates the fluffiness of down. For a firmer pillow, the company’s buckwheat hull pillows offer more support but with increased air circulation that makes this an ideal pillow for warm sleepers as well. All of White Lotus Home’s products, which include mattresses, duvets and bedding, are handmade in New Brunswick, N.J., by the company’s 13 artisans.

Children’s: A Little Pillow Company

A Little Pillow Company specializes in washable organic cotton pillows for children, ages 18 months and up, with the entirety of the company’s sourcing and production based in the U.S. at an extremely accessible price point. Aiming to make the most “green” pillow ever, A Little Pillow Company’s eco-friendly fillers are made with Flex-Fill, a fiber derived from BPA-free plastic bottles and manufactured in South Carolina, and USDA certified 100% organic Texas-grown cotton. The pillows are encased by 100% organic cotton textiles spun and knitted in North Carolina and finally finished in Virginia.

Maternity: NuAngel

Made in Athens, Ala., NuAngel was founded by an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant in 1990 to support breastfeeding. The company’s signature nursing pillow is ingeniously designed to offer customizable support during feeds with an incline that can help reduce acid reflux in babies.  

Mastectomy Healing: Pink Pepper Co.

Founded by a breast cancer survivor, Pink Pepper Co. aims to create products that provide comfort and ease healing for other breast cancer warriors. Made in Chandler, Ariz., Mastectomy Pillow is designed to offer soft pressure and underarm support that protects against sudden bumps that could cause discomfort, particularly during that first ride home from the hospital. The pillow’s fun prints may also make a difficult process just a bit easier.

Pets: Big Barker

Pets deserve some nocturnal comfort too! Give your best furred friend a superb night of sleep with his own memory-foam pillow. Rated one of the best dog beds on the market by New York Magazine’s The Strategist, Big Barker specializes in crafting beds that support the joints of larger dog breeds in its Orwigsburg, Pa., manufacturing facility, using American-made foam, zippers and glue.